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VirtuFair is a bespoke online event designed to attract candidates by giving them the opportunity to engage with you.

The typical candidate journey without Virtufair is:

  1. The candidate accidentally finds a job description for a company

  2. They briefly read it and casually apply for the position

  3. The candidates hopes they get selected for an interview

With Virtufair:

  1. We take the time to understand the type of person that you need for the position, both in terms of skills and personality

  2. We intentionally contact only the candidates that fit the criteria that you are looking for within our networks

  3. We sell the position to the candidate and get them excited about working for you 

  4. The candidate develops a strong interest in the position and wants to learn more

  5. We invite the candidate to your Virtufair, an online event designed specifically for you, and give them the opportunity to ask questions about everything from the hard skills required to the working culture. 

  6. Both you and the candidate have the opportunity to engage with each other, ask questions and evaluate each other on a deep level for an hour. 

  7. You as the employer benefit from the event by engaging with multiple candidates in an efficient manner, and the candidates would have had the opportunity to truly understand the requirement of the position and company – leaving them much more engaged and in a strong position to proceed with the application process. 

  8. We provide you with statistics around engagement to help you assess the best candidates for the position.

  9. You as the employer have access to every attendant’s CV to reach out to as you wish.